SRT Services Disclaimer
SRT Services (SRT) offers three healing programs: a program for victims of sexual abuse/assault
(SAVAnon); a program for women who have experienced a miscarriage or stillbirth (MiSAnon); and a
program for men or women who have been adversely affected by the trauma an abortion (AbAnon).
We refer to these as sexually related traumas. Other sexually related traumas include unwanted
pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases.
We recognize that every person is different and every situation is unique. Working through issues
surrounding these sexually related traumas that you experienced usually occurs in layers over time. Our
sincere hope is that you will experience some measure of healing through the programs offered.
Our facilitators and co-facilitators are not professional counselors or life coaches. They are volunteers
with their own stories of sexually related trauma and have experienced significant healing from those
experiences. The facilitators are passionate about providing a safe, supportive environment for you.
Any profits from the sale of the Participant Manuals go to cover the cost of printing, shipping and the
support and expansion of SRT. SAVAnon, Inc, DBA SRT Services, is a registered, 501c3 not-for-profit
organization and is financed primarily through the generous contributions of donors.
This website is intended for informational purposes only. Since every situation is different, we offer a
wide array of resources to accommodate as many situations as possible. Our programs were never
intended to be a cure to the trauma you have sustained, but rather the beginning of a life-time journey
on the path to healing.
If you have recently experienced sexual abuse or assault and have not yet reported it, please contact
your local police department or other appropriate agency. The person who sexually abused you may be
abusing others too.
If you are actively harming yourself or having suicidal thoughts, please seek the help of a professional
counselor immediately. We can discretely help you locate a counselor if you like. Our programs are not
intended to replace professional counseling or therapy.
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