Sexual Abuse/Assault Recovery Services

SAVAnon is a free eight-week healing program offered for those who have experienced emotional trauma from sexual abuse or assault. Our gender specific groups are provided both online and in person. Participants work through varied emotional symptoms including: anger, depression, shame, anxiety, addictions and feelings of dirtiness. Our experienced, trained facilitators are ready to walk with those affected on their path towards healing.

common emotions







common Symptoms

Suicidal tendencies

Withdrawal from and mistrust or fear of adults and authority figures

Hypersexuality and promiscuity

Avoidance of sex and physical touch

Problems with sleep or fear of going to bed

Nightmares and/or flashbacks


Addictions to drugs, alcohol or food

Unusual sexual behavior

Phantom pain

Chronic Pain


That something is fundamentally wrong with them

Personal responsibility for the abuse or assault

Worthlessness, unworthiness, or dirtiness

Difficulties with intimacy and trust

Personality disruptions

Attachment issues

Sexual dysfunction and fertility issues

Same-sex attraction 



Sexually abusing other children (35% of child sexual abusers were abused themselves as children)


A Message From Our SAVAnon Director

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