What Is SRT Services? 

The purpose of SRT Services is to create awareness regarding the emotional harm caused by Sexually Related Trauma (SRT) and to provide a path to healing for those affected. 

Our vision is that any individual who has experienced Sexually Related Trauma (SRT) and desires healing will be aware of and have access to the free healing programs offered by SRT Services.


is SRT services a religious organization?

No (and Yes). SRT Services is not an overtly religious organization and operates unaffiliated and independently from any organized religion, denomination or faith. Anyone, regardless of their faith or their lack of faith, who has experienced sexual related trauma is welcome to our gender specific programs. However, a part of the 8-week program involves discussion of God, faith and forgiveness. Thousands of people have found healing through faith, and SRT Services would be remiss in our responsibility if we failed to include God and faith in our curriculum. We believe that acknowledging these concepts is necessary to complete the healing and recovery process.

What is Sexually Related Trauma (SRT)?

  • Trauma due to sexual
  • Trauma due to past abortion(s)
  • Trauma due to
  • Trauma due to unwanted
  • Trauma due to STDs

what we do

SRT Services offers in-person and online healing groups to individuals who have experienced sexual abuse/assault, past abortion and/or a miscarriage/stillbirth.
We also partner with local Trauma Resource Centers (TRC) to provide SRT healing programs within their local community. Our programs are offered in multiple languages and available throughout the United States and around the world.

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